GTYC Organizational Structure

The GTYC is a private club managed by a board of directors who operate under By-Laws and policies approved by the membership. The GTYC is structured along the traditional format for private yacht clubs. The Commodore is assisted by a Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and the Immediate Past Commodore. In addition, there are 6 Directors. A non-voting Secretary and Treasurer complete the board structure. There are also six standing committees, a club manager and several supplemental committees. It takes a lot of people to keep the gears moving smoothly. Volunteering your time to the club is a fundamental responsibility of membership.

Flag Officers

Jordan Owen
   Past Commodore


Term Expires

Rob Lovell Jessica Gerber

Term Expires

Jed MooneyDavid Guba
Term Expires
  Heather Van Stratt
Rich Core


Standing Committees

Race RC Bob Clark

VC David Phelps
Buildings and Grounds Dietrich Floeter, Cheri BuchbinderRusty Beckhenauer
Membership Rob Lovell
Moorings and Storage Dave Terrell
Social Jed Mooney, Jessica GerberDannielle Higgins, Blake Vance, Karen Copeland 

Supplemental Committees

Interlake Fleet Bob Sagan
Laser Fleet Dave Phelps
Melges 24 Fleet Mike Dow
Cruisers Fleet Fred & Lisa Wilmeth
Food/Beverage/Rentals  Rich Core, Jim Dye, Jessica Gerber
Club History Tom Cowell
Merchandise Jordan Owen
Newsletter Kim Marian
Committee Boat Jed Mooney, Jay Kraft, John Matthews 
PC Council Wes Schultz
Rental Ian Sterling
Speaker Series Rob Lovell

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