2015 Laser Fleet

 Offering monthly races the first Tuesday of the month from June to September. The second Tuesday of the month will be held as the reserve date in the case conditions are not suitable to sail the prior Tuesday.

2015 GTYC Laser Class Schedule

  • GTYC Tuesday Lasers Summer Series ($15 for the series, $5 for single evening)
            LSS#1: June 2nd, 6 p.m. (Reserve Date, June 9th)
            LSS#2: July 7th,  6 p.m. (Reserve Date, July 14th)
            LSS#3: August 4th, 6 p.m. (Reserve Date, August 11th)
            LSS#4: September 1st, 6 p.m.(Reserve Date, September 8th)

            Fall Babel Cup, Sunday, September 19th. 12 Noon.


Pete Comfort during the 2011 Spring Regatta, showing the form that 
would earn him victory in 2015.

“Near Perfect” conditions greeted seven Laser sailors to the  first leg of the BABEL CUP. The four-race regatta had been rescheduled to the first Tuesday in June because of calm conditions in May. A beautiful 5-10 kt  breeze propelled the boats around the windward/leeward courses with Commodore Owen acting as PRO. The first weather leg was a good example of the “neck-n-neck”
racing that was to come. Starboard advantage at the weather mark was key as Jon Forton, Colton Gerber, Pete Comfort and Tom Babel all converged at the first weather mark. Three boats abeam at mark roundings were common as the “slugfest” continued in the setting Westerly sun with a moderating Northerly chop. In the end it was the consistent starts, sailing and boat speed of COMFORT that would win the regatta. GERBER (home from U of M) displayed the form he learned at TACS and TC Central Sailing Team (solid boat speed and tactics) to earn second overall. BABEL and FORTON followed in third and fourth respectively. Full results below.

Thanks to Commodore Owen for conducting a great regatta and ordering up some fantastic wind/conditions. And to Manager Ian Sterling for serving the fleet refreshments and 
snacks at the post race awards ceremony. The results of the Spring Regatta will be added to the Fall Regatta for the overall winner of the BABEL CUP. -- PC Tom Babel



Eight Lasers Sailed on October 4th Laser Regatta. The scores from this regatta are added
to the Spring Regatta for “The Babel Cup”. PRO Jordan Owen called for a four race series of windward/leeward courses. The air temperature was in the mid 40’s with a southwest breeze ranging 10-20 knots. There was plenty of close racing throughout the fleet. At the front of the fleet, Than Dykstra, Dirk Phelps and Tom Babel crosses tacks in the gusty/shifty conditions. Rob Lovell, Bob Bemben and Jack Shields sailed strong all day, hiking hard up wind and concentrating downwind to stay away from the disastrous capsize. Tom Hazelton and Andrew Girrell rounded out the fleet, which enjoyed the comforts of the GTYC after racing with a hot shower, warm brats and a cold beer.

Rob “Doc Rob” Lovell won The Babel Cup with his combined score of 1st (Spring Regatta) and 4th (Fall Regatta)for a low point total of 5 points. Bemben was second with 9 points and Hazelton 3rd Many thanks to PRO Owen for another great year of RC work, David Phelps for his support and the GTYC membership the pitched in to make the event happen.


1) Tom Babel 4 points
2) Dirk Phelps 9 (Top Junior)
3) Than Dykstra 12
4) Rob Lovell 19
5) Bob Bemben 20 (Top Master)
6) Jack Shields 23
7) Tom Hazelton 27
8) Andrew Girrell 30



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